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Global Heritage

Timeless elegance in a journey of curation and warmth

Romancing Nature

A planter's paradise with historic charm and modern elegance

Organic Lagom

Discovering the perfect balance when inspired organic features meet space and function serenity

Traditions with a Twist

Whether you're hosting the party or making a meal for the family, this warm and comfortable kitchen sets the mood for a memorable gathering.

Vogue Crafted Dining Room

A dining room transformed with modern elegance and natural charisma

Sophisticated and Serene

Create your own spa-like retreat filled with refined details.

Effortlessly Appealing

With a thoughtful layout you can prep taco toppings while the kids set out tortillas without bumping into each other.

Comfort is Key

A warm, homey room like this will be your whole family's favorite place to be.

Modern Mountainside Retreat

In this kitchen, we mixed heritage elements like shiplap and X-end columns with sleek contemporary features like cool gray Perfect Storm paint and the contemporary Blaine door.

Airy Urban Transitional

This California Style kitchen creates a bright and inviting space.


A study in complementarity, we paired bold Celeste paint with contrasting fresh Magnolia and neutral Biscotti stain in this on-trend kitchen.

Waterfront Charm

After a day on the water, a palette of nature-inspired hues and a clean-lined design offers welcome serenity.

Refined Contrast

A timeless black-and-white palette, grand alcove hood, and cabinets inspired by furniture pieces—this kitchen has all the ingredients of an elegant new classic.


Gather family and friends with pride in the rich, traditional style of your Salinger kitchen. Distressed finishes intertwine with warm wood tones, creating an inviting space where meals become lasting memories.


As you create an inviting home where hosting friends and family is effortless, Brockton gives you the clean, airy look that will form the perfect backdrop for lasting memories.