The total amount you spend on a new kitchen varies greatly based on your needs, the style and age of your home and the selections you make.

We recommend allocating budget dollars by category as a percent of the total budget, knowing that a full-featured, large-scale room will cost more than a more modestly-featured, small-scale room.

Good budgeting is the key to making your dream kitchen a reality. Make a list of all new room features, then prioritize them for potential trade-offs down the road.

Consider Your Options

Careful planning and allocation of the budget prevents overspending and wasting money; however, good planning and careful research could also provide opportunities in which money is saved.

Ask for a Written Estimate

Your Yorktowne dealer will give you a written summary of the costs for your new cabinetry. Do expect the same from any contractors you hire to work in your home.

Plan Your Expenses

In general, we recommend planning to spend the same on a new kitchen as you would on a new car. If you look at a car in the $20,000 range, that’s where your kitchen budget should start. Spend more or less as finances permit.

Prioritize Accordingly

Appliances, plumbing fixtures and decorative items such as door handles all come in a broad range of prices. Set your priority items and research anticipated expense.

Compare and Be Prepared

Have a clear set of specifications before comparison shopping; be sure to compare exactly the same commodities. Set aside contingency money; perhaps 10-20% of the project.