Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  I am ready to order!  How do I purchase Yorktowne Cabinetry?

A:  Yorktowne Cabinetry is available exclusively through our network of certified kitchen designers.  Use our online Yorktowne Dealer Locator to quickly find an independent showroom in your local area.


Q:  Can you give me pricing on a kitchen order?

A:  With each project and home unique, and thousands of different combinations available in our custom cabinetry lines, we trust our Yorktowne Dealers to offer the most accurate quotes. Reach out to your local Yorktowne dealer here.


Q:  Can I call into your Consumer Team to make changes to my order?

A:  You’ll need to reach back to the independent dealer where your cabinets were purchased in order to request any changes or updates to your existing order. They’ll let you know if timing allows for any changes.


Q:  How can I purchase additional items after my cabinetry order has arrived?

A:  Contact your local Yorktowne Dealer, they’ll be happy to assist in adding to your cabinetry order.


Q:  How do I find more design inspiration?

A:  Inspiration is Everywhere!

Visit our room galleries for inspired designs and ideas. Get in contact with your local Yorktowne dealer to schedule a time to chat about what you’d like to see transformed within your space.  Get even more ideas on Pinterest to and see hundreds of real kitchens tagged #YorktowneCabinetry on Instagram.


Q:  What type of paint do you use on your cabinetry?

A:  We use a proprietary enamel blend for our paints, that gives complete, opaque coverage, with a catalyzed base primer and a catalyzed pigmented enamel to give our Yorktowne Cabinetry the unique, furniture-quality satin finish for which we are well-known.  Our paint does not match the “color code” or “number” of any commercially-available paint.


Q:  I want to paint something to match my Yorktowne cabinets.  What should I do?

A:  Our proprietary paint doers not match the “color code” or “number” of any paint available to consumers.  To match paint to your existing Yorktowne Cabinetry — especially if your cabinets have been installed for longer than about a year — your best bet is to remove one or two doors from your cabinets, and bring them into a specialty paint retailer.  They will be able to “scan” your cabinet door and create a matching paint color.


Q:  How do I get literature or samples?

A:  Your local dealer is your best resource for the most recent print publications from Yorktowne and to answer any questions you might have on our lines.  You may also view digital versions of all our literature on the Brochures page.  A limited selection of paint sample chips is available in our cabinetry party shop here.


Q:  What is your cabinetry warranty?

A:  To read all about our Limited Lifetime Warranty, please click here.


Q:  How can I track my order?

A:  Every one of our cabinets is built to order, and our level of attention to detail simply isn’t available from stock cabinetry products.  Each piece of your order is framed, sanded, painted, highlighted, atomized, assembled, inspected, and packaged in sequence—one kitchen at a time.  As our craftspeople create your custom cabinets, lead times can vary depending on customization and specialty finishes. Please reach back out to your place of purchase to confirm delivery dates of your cabinetry!


Q:  How do I care for and clean my cabinets?

A:  For a full look at how to care for your cabinets, please visit our Care and Cleaning section


Q:  What are the characteristics of the different types of wood?

A:  Yorktowne is happy to offer you the best in American lumber; to learn more about the benefits of these species, visit our Material Characteristics page