YorkTowne Cabinetry Environmental Initiatives

Certifications and Green Initiatives

Partnering with Suppliers

Yorktowne partners with suppliers to ensure continued environmental stewardship. We select materials manufactured to meet or surpass current regulatory requirements, including low formaldehyde emissions. We have substantially reduced our emissions by working in partnership with our finish suppliers to develop improved coatings and filtration systems.

Energy Efficiency

Our paint curing ovens utilize the latest in computerized quartz light technology. The ovens only heat and cure the applied finish material which makes them 50 percent more efficient than conventional gas ovens. The oven bulbs have a 10-year life, or 20,000 hours.

Clean Air

All sawdust and wood shavings generated in our manufacturing process are siphoned through a filtration system, removing 99.99% of dust particles down to 10 microns in size. This practically eliminates any discharge of wood dust into the atmosphere. The air filtration system in our paint department removes 99.97% of particulate matter.

Waste Reduction

By deploying an innovative Cyclomix technology in our facilities, we’ve dramatically changed the way wood finishes are prepared. Proven technology and accurate proportioning eliminates the need to estimate the amount of catalyzed material needed, and reduces waste by minimizing disposal of unused material.